Viewpoint Diversity Ranking of Leading US Colleges


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Note: Rank=Viewpoint diversity rank, with 1 being highest viewpoint diversity. IVD=Index of Viewpoint Diversity, with lower scores representing higher viewpoint diversity. ‘Con’=Conservative, ‘Mod’=Moderate, ‘Lib’=Liberal, ‘Dem’=Democrat, ‘Rep’=Republican. Percentages under 10% are shown as decimals for technical reasons, thus ‘0.07’ should be read as 7%.

College names have been abbreviated, so search for, for example, ‘UNC’ instead of ‘University of North Carolina’ or ‘UT’ for University of Texas.

Based on percentage of students reporting a given partisan or ideological identification in the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) 2020 and 2021 combined campus free speech ranking surveys. Data have been weighted using FIRE weights for each school based on the college’s published race, gender, financial aid and voter registration data. The use of weights and a margin of error of 3-6 points per college means that we cannot be pinpoint accurate about a given school’s position. However, the rankings give a general representation of where a school sits within a few percentage points. 2022 data broadly confirm this ranking pattern.

IVD represents the Index of Viewpoint Diversity, which is calculated based on the absolute value of %Democrat-%Republican plus %Liberal-%Conservative times 10,000 (interpret 300 as lower than 2.300, again for coding reasons). You can also sort by the percentage of the student body identifying with a partisan or ideological label.

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