Part I

1. Ethnic Conflict Regulation I: Theoretical Overview and the Partition Option




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Case: Bosnia


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Podcasts (Quite Useful):

Peace and Ethnic Conflict Regulation

Stefan Wolff, Ethnic Conflict in Global Perspective


Federations, federacy and power

Failures of pluralistic federations



Ethnic Conflict Regulation: General

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Federalism and Cantonisation

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Essay Question

·        'Good fences make good neighbours' - A. Lieven. Comment with regard to the partition vs. federalism question.


2. Ethnic Conflict Regulation II: Consociationalism and Electoral Engineering



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Podcasts (generally useful)

Electoral systems and consociationalism

N. Ireland, Good Friday and power sharing

Ten Years After the Good Friday Agreement (B. O'Leary and others)

Ottoman Millet system, religion and power sharing

Cyprus: the Settlement Process, Mehmet Ali Talat

Kirkuk and power sharing

O'Leary, B. How to Get out of Iraq with Integrity

Do power-sharing institutions work?

Balkans and power sharing

Iraq and power sharing



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Electoral Engineering

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Essay Question

·        'Consociationalism divides people along ethnic lines and thus exacerbates ethnic conflict'. Do you agree or disagree?


3. Case Study: Britishness , Englishness and the UK Multiculturalism Debate



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Recommended I:

·                    Race body snubs 'un-British' work: The Commission for Racial Equality (CRE) is blocking grants to ethnic minority projects that fail to promote "Britishness" and integration , ' BBC Saturday , 10 April , 2005 <>

·                    Bernard Crick v Kenan Malik: 'What Should Integration Mean in Britain Today?' JCWI Bulletin , Winter 2005/ 2006 <>

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Trevor Phillips discusses community cohesion

The New Politics of Identity - David Goodhart, Bhikhu Parekh, John Keane


Recommended II:

Parekh, Bhikhu. 2000. The Future of Multi-Ethnic Britain: the report of the Commission on the Future of Multi-Ethnic Britain (London: Profile Books) - Introduction & Conclusions  -  [PC]

Reaction to Parekh: 'No to rethink on British identity' , BBC News , Wednesday , 11 October , 2000 , 15:53 GMT 16:53


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Essay Question

·        What are the key axes of debate between proponents of Multiculturalism and proponents of integration in Britain today?