MSc Politics of Population Change: Immigration, Aging and Conflict


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Weekly Readings

Weekly Lecture Slides (below):

1. Demography, Migration and Power: Concepts and Trends

2. Youth Bulges and Violent Conflict 

3. Climate Change, Environment and Conflict

4.Population Aging, World Population Shifts and the Global Balance of Power  

5.The Piketty Thesis: Population Stagnation and the Politics of Inequality 

6. Demographic and Democratic Transitions  

7. Nationalism and Demographic Engineering audio:

8. Demography and Ethnic Conflict  

9. Dominant Ethnicity and the 'Ethnic-Civic' Typology of National Identity  

10. Immigration and National Identity in the United States: from the Know Nothings to Trump    

11. Immigration and the Rise of the Far Right in Europe     

12. 'From UKIP to Brexit': Hostility to Immigration in the UK   

13. 'Shall the Religious Inherit the Earth?': The Political Demography of Fundamentalism

14. Terrorism, Lobbying and Multiculturalism: Diasporas in International Politics

15. Conclusion and Review  [AUDIO]