International Migration and Transnationalism


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This module: 2017

Politics of Population Change (Msc) - some sections have similar questions for part II of this module: 2016   2017

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10. Immigration and National Identity in the United States: from the Know Nothings to Trump


11. Immigration and the Rise of the Far Right in Europe


12. 'From UKIP to Brexit': Hostility to Immigration in the UK


13. Diversity vs. Solidarity: The Impact of Multi-Ethnicity on Wealth, Redistribution, Democracy and Political Stability


14. Immigration And Integration 2: Assimilation; Ethnic Enclaves; Dual Citizenship


15. The End of Nations?: Globalisation


16. Terrorism, Lobbying and Multiculturalism: Diasporas in International Politics


17. Demography, Migration and Power: Concepts and Trends



18. Revision