B.A.  Introduction to Nationalism, Ethnicity and Religious Conflict


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Class takes place at ANG Montague Room, 45 Russell Sq WC1B 4JP

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Weekly Readings


Part I (E Kaufmann)

  1. Defining Ethnic Group and Nation [AUDIO]

  2. The Development of the State

  3. The Origin of Ethnic Groups [AUDIO]

  4. Theories of Nationalism and Ethnicity  [AUDIO]

  5. State Nationalism, Nation-Building and Commemoration [AUDIO]

  6. Multi-Ethnic Nations and Multi-National States  [AUDIO]

  7. National Identity: Ethnic or Civic?  [AUDIO]

  8. The Ethics of Nationalism: Citizenship, Immigration, Multiculturalism and National Identity [AUDIO]

  9. Case Study: Britishness, Englishness and the UK Multiculturalism Debate [AUDIO] 

Part II (B Zollner)


[REFER to MOODLE for B. Zollner part of module, though material listed below may also be useful for reference]:


10. Immigration and the Rise of the Far Right in Europe [AUDIO]

11. Secession  [AUDIO]

12. Ethnic Violence and Genocide  [AUDIO]

13. Microfoundations of Civil War: Outbidding, Spoilers, Militias [AUDIO]

14. Nationalism, Ethnic Parties and Democratisation

15. Secularisation and Religious Fundamentalism [AUDIO]

16. Religion and Nationalism [AUDIO]

17. Militant Islamist Movements

18. Conclusion and Review [AUDIO]


Not covered this year, though may be relevant:

13. Diasporas in International Politics    

18. Case Study: Islamic Fundamentalism


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