1. Taboo: How Making Race Sacred Produced a Cultural Revolution (Forum Press, May 2024)
  2. Whiteshift: Populism, Immigration and the Future of White Majorities (Penguin Allen Lane Oct 2018; Overlook Press Jan 2019)
  3. Co-Edited book, with Robert Schertzer and Eric Taylor Woods, Nationalism and Conflict Management (Routledge, 2012)
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  5. Co-edited with Jack Goldstone and Monica Duffy Toft: Political Demography: How Population Changes Are Reshaping International Security and National Politics (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2012)
  6. Shall the Religious Inherit the Earth: Religion, Demography and Politics in the 21st Century, Profile Books, 2010 (2011 US edition). – Reviewed in Sunday Times, Observer, FT, Literary Review, Independent, Telegraph (blog), New Humanist, Big Issue Scotland, London Metro, Toronto Globe and Mail, Morning Star, Sunday Star Times (New Zealand), Spiked Online, Taki’s Magazine and others. See for details.
  7. The Orange Order: A Contemporary Northern Irish History, (Oxford University Press 2007; paperback 2009)Serialised in Belfast News Letter, 21 to 26 May 2007; Reviewed in Belfast News Letter (5 June 2007), Irish Times (30 June 2007), Prospect (November 2007), Irish Independent (July 2007), Irish Studies Review (Dec 2007), History Ireland (Nov/Dec),  London Review of Books
  8. The Decline of the Loyal Family: Unionism and Orangeism in Northern Ireland – co-authored book with Professor Henry Patterson (U. Ulster). (Manchester University Press 2007)
  9. The Rise and Fall of Anglo-America: The Decline of Dominant Ethnicity in the United States (Harvard University Press, 2004) – sole-authored monograph. Reviewed positively in Financial Times (2004)Times Higher Education Supplement (2005), Review of Metaphysics (2004)Choice (2005), The Journal of American Culture (2005), Modern Age (2005), The Journal of American History (2005)Cercles: Revue pluridisciplinaire du monde anglophone (2006), Journal of American Ethnic History (2006),Rhetoric and Public Affairs (2007)
  10. Rethinking Ethnicity: Majority Groups and Dominant Minorities (Routledge, 2004) – edited

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