Libertarian Hawks or Cultural Communitarians?: Neoconservatism and the Legacy of the New York Intellectuals


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Podcasts and transcripts of the conference:

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Joseph Dorman Q & A Session    [Transcript]

Geoff Mulgan, Institute for Community Studies/Young Foundation      [Transcript]

Michael Lind, New America Foundation Senior Fellow; Eric Kaufmann, 'The Demographic Contradictions of Liberal Capitalism: Rethinking Daniel Bell's Theory'; David Goodhart, Editor, Prospect Magazine - 'On Tensions Between Diversity and Solidarity'   (requires high volume as recording is low)  [Transcript]

Nathan Glazer, Harvard University (emeritus); John Patrick Diggins, City University of New York; Roundtable Discussion: The Legacy of the New York Intellectuals and Neoconservatives, chaired by David Goodhart, Prospect magazine   [Transcript t.b.c.]


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