Comparative Nationalism and Ethnicity

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‘Nationalism and Ethnicity in the EU,’ 7th Jean Monnet European Centre Summer School, Trento, 14 September 2006


  1. ASEN (Association for the Study of Ethnicity and Nationalism) – The world’s largest nationalism and ethnic studies organisation. Based at LSE. Holds frequent seminars, as well as conferences. It is worth becoming a member if you can afford the modest fee (please enquire on-line or with me).
  2. Will Kymlicka’s Homepage -This provides links to sites of interest in major subfields of the nationalism, ethnicity, multiculturalism and citizenship literature.
  3. Nationalism Project website – extensive links, book reviews, bibliography, on-line essays and more. Address:
  4. Minorities at Risk Project – The
    Minorities at Risk (MAR) Project is a university-based research project that
    monitors and analyzes the status and conflicts of politically-active communal
    groups in all countries with a current population of at least 500,000. Address:
  5. Association for the Study of Nationalities – Major scholarly association devoted to the study of ethnicity and nationalism in Europe and Eurasia. Address:
  6. Centre for Research in Ethnic Relations– The major academic body in the UK for the research and teaching of aspects of race, migration and ethnic relations.
    Address: http:/
  7. Initiative on Ethnic Conflict Resolution (INCORE) – Important organisation involved in the study of peace, conflict and community relations. Address: http:/

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