Msc The Politics of Population Change: Immigration, Aging and Conflict

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Weekly Readings

Weekly Lecture Slides (below):

1. Demography, Migration and Power: Concepts and Trends 

2. Population Pressure, Climate Change and Resource Conflicts in the Developing World 

3. The ‘Youth Bulge’, Urbanisation and Violent Conflict in the Developing World 

4. Population Aging, World Population Shifts and the Global Balance of Power

5. Demographic and Democratic Transitions

6. The Piketty Thesis: Population Stagnation and the Politics of Inequality

7. Nationalism and Demographic Engineering

8. Ethnic Shifts and Conflict

9. Immigration and National Identity in the United States

10. Immigration and the Rise of the Far Right in Europe   

11. ‘From UKIP to Brexit’: Hostility to Immigration in the UK 

12. Social Cleavages and Generational Replacement: The Demography of Value Changes

13. ‘Shall the Religious Inherit the Earth?’: The Political Demography of Fundamentalism 

14. Terrorism, Lobbying and Multiculturalism: Diasporas in International Politics 

15. Conclusion and Review


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